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Following you will find answers to the most frequent questions about transport and shipping to Dubai. For your convenience they have bee subdivided into chapters for vehicle shipping, moving and a general overview about our billing policy.

Should you have further questions, please send us an email or call us at +49 (0) 421 / 649 227 - 0.


Questions about cars and vehicle shipping to the united arab emirates

  • Which ports do you serve in the UAE? +

    Jebel Ali is the main hub for arriving ocean vessels. However Abu Dhabi becomes stronger and we do offer service there as well.

  • How long does a transport of a vehicle take from Germany into the UAE? +

    Voyage time on sea is approximately 4 weeks, departures are weekly for containers and every 10 days for roll on/roll off.

  • Do you drive my vehicle? +

    Collections of vehicles are arranged with special road carriers, however we move the car on own wheels during loading in the port area.Non operating cars can only be shipped in a container, no roll on/roll off.

  • Which documents are required? +

    The Title (Fahrzeugschein) and the addresses of the shipper and the consignee as well as a ID copy f the shipper and a commercial invoice.

  • Do you offer a marine insurance? +

    Our insurance premiums  are very favorable due to our low damage rate and are available for full cover and stranding cover. The insurer is based in Germany and very respected. Rates will be given along with the individual offer.

  • Do you collect vehicles from private seller or showroom? +

    Yes, we pick up cars and motorcycles from all over Europe with reliable road trucking companies and deliver to the next sea port.

  • Can you buy or pay the car for me when I am not in Europe personally? +

    Actually we don’t buy cars but could arrange the payment procedure through our escrow service. Please ask for our escrow contract.

  • What is a roll on/roll off vessel? +

    Like swimming parking garages on roll on/roll off vessels only rolling cargo and vehicles can be shipped. Those “ferries without passengers” are available from Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Zeebrugge and Amsterdam to Jebel Ali and Abu Dhabi. This ro/ro service is not available for non operating cars (non runners) or if you plan to load the car with personal items.

  • Do you ship from Austria or Switzerland? +

    Yes, all services are available from Austria and Switzerland as well.

  • What happens after arrival in the port, what shall I do? +

    You will be notified from our agent about the arrival date and further requirements about the customs clearance.

  • Do you delivery my car at my home? +

    Yes, upon request we bring the car to you.

  • How do I place my order with you? +

    Please use our booking form which will be attached to our individual offer.

  • Which are your office hours? +

    Our office in Bremen is open Mon-Fri 8.oo -17.oo, however emails are read almost daily.

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Questions about moving and relocation

  • How soon prior estimated moving date should I contact you? +

    Key to a successful move is its planning. In international moving 6-8 weeks before intended shipping is recommended. This will allow you and us to obtain and compare quotations and services, advise banks, cancel utilities etc.

  • Which services are available to me? +

    Everything. First we shall discuss with you if a full container is needed or a shared container in case of less volume recommendable. Then we ask you if you are interested in a full service or prefer to pack and load by yourself. Every move and budget is different so it is important to discuss openly everything.

  • What about customs regulations for free entry for expats? +

    Certain requirements have to be fulfilled to be entitled for duty/tax free entry. We will inform you about it in our offer. In any case a valid working permit and a residential address in the UAE is required.

  • Do you offer packing material? +

    If you decide to pack yourself, you may use regular standard moving boxes or crates as we don’t provide material. When you order a full service with packing, the material is included of course.

  • Do you store my goods in case I need this? +

    We can provide clean storage facilities in Germany and Dubai, rates are daily, weekly or long term monthly.

  • How long is a transport to the United Arab Emirates? +

    Departures for consolidated containers, full containers are weekly, transit time on ocean approx. 4 weeks.

  • Do you offer transports from other locations than Germany? +

    Yes, we do provide transports for any kind of cargo by ocean and air from any place in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and neighboring countries to the UAE.

  • Where do you offer door delivery to in the UAE? +

    Full relocation service at destination is available in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujeirah, Ras Al Khaiman, Al-Ain and Abu Dhabi.

  • Do you offer a transport insurance? +

    Yes, the full range of transport insurance for sea and air, door to door, against full cover or loss can be covered through us. The applicable premiums will come with our individual offer.

  • Do you offer transports from other locations than Germany? +

    Yes, we do provide transports for all cargo, ocean and air from any place in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and neighboring countries to Libya.

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Questions about financials

  • When is your bill due? +

    Invoice will be issued after departure and it is due same time. Please arrange payment in time prior arrival to avoid delays in releasing.

  • Do you a require a deposit? +

    No, down,- or pre-payments are not requested.

  • How do I have to pay? +

    Payments can be made by remittance in Euro, US$ or AED or in cash in our offices in Bremen and Dubai. Please understand that we don’t accept credit cards or cheques.

  • Are there any hidden fees? +

    All common costs are visible in our offer, however due to orders or instructions by authorities or shipping lines, such as physical examination or x-ray, those unexpected costs are for the account of the shipper

  • Why do you offer in different currencies and how do I convert it? +

    In order to keep our over long term valid we quote same currency those costs occur. The invoice will display one currency only as per your wish and foreign currencies will be converted as per the day of departure.

  • I have further questions, what shall I do? +

    In case of additional questions we are happy to assist you and kindly ask you to contact us by email or phone +49 (0) 421 / 649 227 - 0.

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